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Exhibition Prep

It’s been nearly 2 years since my exhibition was supposed to go up, but then you-know-what happened. But it’s finally here! And in a way I’m glad its taken this long because that’s been a lot more time to get a collection together that I’m really happy with, to complete the story.

It’s getting hung tomorrow morning. It’s weird putting your work out there to the public. There’s a bit of it that stops being yours. You have to let go of it in some ways and let other people decide what each piece means for them. A fellow artist recently said to she’s not so interested in what a piece means as in what it does. And I think while something might mean something for me, it’s ok for it to do something completely different for someone else. But it takes a lot of holding back to let that happen.

And of course I’m nervous. Look, I know it’s worthy. I am not full of self doubt. But there’s still a fear that no one will like it. Is it too this, is it not enough that, all that stuff.

In the meantime, I’ve done a layout plan, I’ve prepared all the labels, I’ve priced everything up. And today I’ve taken one last photograph for publicity. It’s been such a bind, because it had to be done when it was framed, and yet, well, have you ever tried taking a picture of a glazed framed picture?

It’s quite a nice image of the view from my studio window, but it’s not exactly what I was after! So, down went the blind, out came the photographic lighting, and I got something resembling what I was aiming for. Just don’t look too closely inside the frame ….

I’d better get off and work out what I’m going to say at the preview. How much I’m going to say. How much I’m going to leave out. So much to think about. It’ll be fine….

It’ll be fine.


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